Comments from Former Patients & Other Professionals

Comment from a mother of a teenager

“Dr. Rubino worked with my son from the time he was eight through his teen years. He helped my soon survive some very hard things. He was very caring and nurturing, but also tough when needed! Dr. Rubino has also been a source of support and guidance for my husband and me as we have attempted to parent in difficult times! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend “Dr Mike” to parents of children or adolescents who may be experiencing difficulties.”

Comment from Dr. Parminder Sethi, urologist

“Michael is very knowledgeble, caring counselor. He has a great rapport with the patients. I have referred several patients to him and would not hesitate referring more.”

Local High School Principal

“Dr Rubino has been instrumental with the work with students we have collaborated on. He is great with following up and through with his time and effort. I feel confident to say that his skills are second to none. I recommend Dr. Rubino and his services.”

19 year old suicidal teen

“I would not be here without Dr. Rubino. He is tough but caring. He helped me through a very tough time in my life and helped me rebuild me life.”

Comments from Jacqueline Richard, R.N., PsyD.

Dr. Rubino is a very fine psychotherapist who has an excellent reputation for helping at risk families and children who have not been able to be helped by other clinicians. He is a master of the craft and science of psychotherapy. It is a pleasure to be his colleague. I unreservedly recommend him as a clinician and business partner.

Comments from a local Marriage and Family Therapist

Michael Rubino has compassion and expertise with clients. I have known him professionally for years and trusted him with my own son’s therapy. He has been willing to see all levels of serious issues with his clients from the beginning of his professional career.

To whom it may concern,

As a family therapist who has spent most of my adult life working with teenagers and families either one on one or in groups through the Challenge Day organization, I am proud to endorse Dr Michael Rubino as one of the most talented and committed therapists I have ever met

Having lived through numerous physical and emotional challenges himself Dr Rubino has a unique ability to compassionately and powerfully guide his clients and to challenge them to step up to any challenge they may be facing.

As a workshop facilitator I have had several opportunities to work with Dr Rubino’s clients both during and after they have worked with him. In every case his clients have touted his support as one of the main reasons they are hopeful about their futures.

Sincerely, Rich Dutra-St John MA MFT

Referral from a mother with a child in Special Education

“I had been trying all year to get an IEP for my son who has Bipolar Disorder. Dr. Rubino attended one meeting and my son had his IEP. Furthermore, Dr. Rubino followed the entire process so we didn’t have any problems. I cannot thank him enough.”

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